Pimp Wars

The Story

The van screeches to a halt and you are abruptly pulled from the back and thrown to the ground, left in a puddle of your own blood. You feel consciousness slowly slipping away from you, but you know this can't be the end. After all the years you have spent building up your empire, a single slip of the tongue with a rival pimp got you kidnapped, beaten, and your body dumped like yesterday's trash.

It's not so bad, right? You do have a couple of choices, but they are pretty limited. Do you step back into the underworld as soon as you have recovered from the hell you just experienced at their hands? Perhaps just forget the life you led, give up chasing money and go live a quiet existence with a steady 9 to 5? The question is, can you forget what they did to you? Allow them to take over your patch without any repercussions? After the time it took you to get to the top?

I don't think walking away is the right option. You're much more of a fighter than that. Why risk so much time in the slammer to support your family just to give it all up at the first sign of trouble? Come on, shake those thoughts of quitting, get your ass into recovery and prepare yourself for the battle ahead, PIMP!

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